Mosquito Forceps

Mosquito Forceps

Mosquito forceps

A small hemostat, straight or curved, with or without teeth; used to hold delicate tissue or for hemostasis.A small, straight or curved hemostatic forceps used to hold delicate tissue or compress a bleeding vessel.A small, straight or curved forceps used in general surgery that has a locking grip with 3-5 teeth to allow rachet clamping atvarious pressures. Mosquitos are used to 

retract in small fields, hold delicate tissue, and compress bleeding vessels, among other things.

Sizes: Available in Difference Sizes as per customer requirements and specification.

Material: High Carbon, J1, J2, 440c

Finish: Dull, Mat, Mirror Finish                                                                                                                       

Colors and Gold Plated: Can be produce in half gold, full gold or in any color coating.

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Mosquito forceps A small hemostat, straight or curved, with or..
Mosquito forceps A small hemostat, straight or curved, with or..